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    Position 2019 Midfielders

    Have had him the last 2 seasons, 2017 he had a great start (other than rd 1) I brought him in after the byes and it back-fired, his scoring wasnt as consistent, started with him in 2018 and his scoring was incredibly frustrating most of the year but came good at the end of the year. Can have 30+...
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    Game Day Welcome Tom Lynch - Nominates Richmond and will join the club as a Free Agent.

    Tom Lynch will play for Richmond in 2019 and beyond after choosing Tigers as new home Jay Clark, Herald Sun 6 minutes ago Subscriber only RICHMOND has won the race to secure prized free agent Tom Lynch in a massive boost to the Tigers’ premiership prospects. The Gold Coast captain and star key...
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    Discussion Round 1 Discussion

    Happy with Dusty (vc), Jack Graham that is and Nank, Lambert not so great but holds his spot
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    Discussion 2018 Forwards

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    Brando as Dusty

    Haha love it
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    Autopsy Roast & Toast vs GWS - CHANGES FOR THE GRAND FINAL

    So f***ing happy!!!!
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    Toast Dan Butler Rising Star

    Well deserved
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    Discussion POD's

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    Discussion POD's

    Prestia 2.8% and z.jones 3.6% are my 2 biggest pods, pretty keen to start with both but things might change
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    Position 2017 Midfielders

    Should be playing against the dogs this week
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    Position 2017 Midfielders

    I'm a coniglio fan and I had him last year as my pod and was happy with what I got from him, I think he should be good for a 105+ avg again but I can't see him going 110+ purely because of the strength of the gws midfield
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    Training Pre-season 2017

    Is nankervis playing?
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    List Mgmt. 2016 Trade/Free Agency Part 5 - THE MADNESS IS OVER!
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    List Mgmt. 2016 Trade/Free Agency Part 5 - THE MADNESS IS OVER!

    From the sounds of it we'll be giving the first from gws to cats for caddy...
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