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    Caro has her take.

    The two points that Nick needs to think about But Riewoldt is also dealing with the truth that he declared the New Zealand training camp an alcohol-free week and that his opening night order was disregarded by Zac Dawson along with Rhys Stanley, Jack Steven and Paul Cahill - the latter three...
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    Intra Club Match

    Yes, you can take whatever camera you like. There is only one rule. Please post some photos for us to share.;)
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    SANFL Finals Week 2 Results

    And the Gowan twins 15th Grand Final in a row.
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    Registration for GF tickets this week.

    There will be a lot of disappointed members. But there will be 1,000 very happy members. And the only way you can be one of those 1,000, is if you pay the $5 and register on Thursday. I am just glad that I am guaranteed a ticket and am happy to pay $5 rather than queuing up overnight.
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    Bulldogs Fans in Adelaide (venue for prelim)

    For Friday nights game they were at 'Little Pub Just Off Hindley' in the city.
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    Registration for GF tickets this week.

    You are not reading it correctly. That is the allocation of the 1,000 tickets that evey club gets regardless of whether there are in the GF or not. When the club was trying to sell last minute social club upgrades a few weeks ago, they mentioned that if all social club upgrades were sold...
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    Query- Afl member with Western Bulldog support

    I'm assuming you are a silver member or otherwise you would know this by now. The AFL sent out an email today saying that you (silver members with Bulldog/Saints club support) can buy tickets in the AFL reserve on Tuesday at the cost of $112. You also have the option of purchasing a ticket...
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    Registration for GF tickets this week.

    I think I read some where that there is likely to be about 1000 - 2000 tickets for 18000 priority 2 members. I know your odds are slim, but for the sake of $15 bucks, I'd be taking the punt. Think of it as a tatts ticket. You never know.
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    For 5th, how many points do we lose by?

    Loser of 1v4 plays winner of 5v8 Loser of 2v3 plays winner of 6v7
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    Ins and Outs Round 22 v Collingwood

    No it is not
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    Lake cleared

    Since when has it been fair to bump someone in the head
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    Lake cleared

    This is why
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    Ins & Outs V Richmond

    He does, that's why he got 1 week, rather than a reprimand. But doesn't matter now, the tribunal cleared him.
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    Higgins to miss

    I've heard that Griffin is out for Higgins
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