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    Essendon drugs saga: Clearing players and clearing club not the same thing

    Feel free not to start any new threads when the players get cleared :p
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    The new campaign against Dank

    This contradicts his earlier statements that he left everything at Essendon and that Essendon therefore have all the records. Depending on who he is talking to he is prepared to argue either that EFC have all the records, or that he has kept some back because he doesn't trust the AFL/ASADA to...
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    "TB4 wasn't banned" : Dank

    One of the emails is from Bondi Junction Private Hospital. Dank's clinic was in that area too. Anyway ... CELEBRITY plastic surgeon Dr Michael Zacharia, who prescribed human growth hormones to combat ageing, has been found guilty of professional misconduct by the NSW Medical Tribunal. But...
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    "TB4 wasn't banned" : Dank

    You believe that TB4 and/or AOD 1. Have been examined against S2 and not seen to be in that category. You therefore believe that S0 does not apply. or 2. You believe that S0 can be side-stepped by the 'compounding chemist loophole'. Either way you think you are in the clear. You are pushing...
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    "TB4 wasn't banned" : Dank

    Dank must spin the line that the players and Essendon knew what they were receiving and consented. If it can be established that, as EFC seem to be arguing, that he 'switched' the drugs in the syringes he is potentially facing 34 cases of assault.
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    Questions about top-up players

    Mark Harvey has publicly stated that they did not instruct their top-up players on what the game plan was. They briefed the AFL players and top-ups separately. Whether or not the game plan changes or not hardly matters. What does matter is that AFL coaches believe they have intellectual...
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    Coaches supplying ice to players in grassroots footy crisis

    I think you start telling people that a punch-drunk boxer with no science background is brewing meth in a bathtub from pesticide, herbicide, drain cleaner, brake fluid and hyrdochloric acid ... it should give you cause for pause.
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    GWS Adult membership costs $185 for 8 games.

    Swans first year saw home crowds of 15,992. Second year the crowds settled at 12,015 and stayed at about that number for 10 years. In 1994 you got 9814. So between years 2 and 10 there was 2,000 variance between seasons. It was only 95-97 when the crowds shot up to 35,818 and that is pretty...
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    ASADA case against Essendon hanging by a thread (The Age, 1 Nov 14)

    Essendon's 2014 annual report lists $1.2m in grants in both 2013 and 2014 from the Australian Sports Foundation, plus another $700k over the two years from Government Grants. $3.2m over two years at one club. I don't think the AFL is walking away from WADA anytime soon.
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    Mega Thread Questions about the ASADA/ EFC/ players and the legal process/ defences/ liability

    What I don't see how a player can make a case for damages. How can they demonstrate that? This world get nebulous even for far clearer cut claims (like asbestos, smoking etc). A player would have to prove that they have suffered some ill-harm and that that could not be from some other...
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    Player in legal action against the AFL and Essendon - Hal Hunter

    It is because you engaged a convicted career criminal to purchase off-label chemicals and then injected them into your players without informed consent, adequate records or any evidence that you were compliant with any OH+S or anti-doping code. If your paperwork was crap in that it meant that...
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    Why isn't there a player revolt?

    Injecting someone's own blood back into them. No substance being introduced.
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    ASADA case against Essendon hanging by a thread (The Age, 1 Nov 14)

    Letting the investigation run it's course would have seen Essendon competing in the 2013 finals series. This could not be allowed. So in that context, yes, the AFL's actions very clearly worked. The journos already had the story, the ACC report contained enough detail to make it clear that 1...
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    Player in legal action against the AFL and Essendon - Hal Hunter

    But they have maximums as well, $500k maximum and $80k average.
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    Bruce Francis and TV legal dramas or the letter to the Minister for Sport

    All you could tell is that a group of samples didn't look random enough. However that could be because everyone was at the same 21st the night before, or a bug was going through a club, or they had all spent the afternoon getting manicures and spa treatments. It is why Harcout has said the...