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  • You need to PM Fred and ask him to change it. He's the man who does all name changes.
    Yeah, I think you would probably be better off with Martin as well, however Cunnington isn't bad either.

    For pick 11, I'd like Melbourne to get Butcher if he slides, and if not him, maybe one of Black or Carlisle.

    Who do you want Richmond to get in the second round?
    Hey mate,

    Yeah, this draft is going to be great for both of our teams.

    Can't wait to see Scully and Trengove in Melbourne colours next year :thumbsu:

    Are you hoping for Martin at pick 3?
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    haha yeah, taken a bit out of context i think.. he said he wanted to go to a club with a winning culture. I don't think he'll mind where goes, just as long as he gets picked up by someone he'll be grateful for the opportunity.
    ummm.. obviously Koby, John and Nathan Vardy are the 3 near certainties to get selected.. after that.. Edward Carr (midfielder) and Jack Weston (mobile 3rd tall) would be the next most likely to get selected.. Jordan Dessent is a 19 year old defender who may get rookied, been doing some good things..

    as for St.Kilda.. i'm obviously hoping for a premiership this year, so we won't have a high pick... would obviously love one of Koby or John to slip to our pick but i doubt it'll happen! really just want us to select best available.. KPF or a speedy mid..

    who are you hoping the tigers get with their first pick?
    he's not playing. and won't be for a while..

    bruised and battered after playing the nationals whilst injured.. having a well deserved break now.. will be back and dominating for Power in a few weeks
    cheers mate, was pretty pleased with it too!

    as for your questions..

    Trengove - Only seen him in the flesh once (at Etihad) and i suppose while he was still good, it most definitely wasn't his best game of the carnival.. seems to be pretty highly rated.. has a pretty good work rate from what i gather and not too many weak points..

    Stevens - i'm pretty bias because i've got a bit to do with Koby but he's a terrific footballer and has the right mentality to make it at AFL level.. works incredibily hard and does all the hard stuff, as well as having really polished skills.. has a penetrating kick and takes a good grab for a midfielder..

    Martin - pretty similar player to Koby from what i have seen.. good at both the hard in and under stuff and uses it well in space.. takes good marks and kicked a few goals too.. i reckon he'll be a gun wherever he ends up.

    hope that helps (sorry about the late reply)
    Dude did you see Rance get cleaned sickening. Massive hit and geez he is courageous.
    Sup m8?
    Yeahhhh I dunno but we were pretty sh*t.
    Good signs for Dangerfield though :thumbsu:
    Happy to see Rance still in the side.
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