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  • Hey there.

    I just thought I'd come over quickly and give you a message just to clear up my post regarding the leadership group. I disagreed with your post but it's definitely not something against you. I was just worried that you took it slightly personal.

    Cheers, and go the Blueys.
    It takes this sort of disaster to get your name, I won't even contemplate what dinner and a show would cost. Been bloody good fun being your poster-boy for all things confliction and the like. Thanks for the thoughtful messages and posts, Nadia. Now let's get into the real stuff. Your challenge is to get to a game this year. Hope you can. Cheers, Mike.
    Hey, you have to post your messages on my site not yours. Now I'm probably too old for an affair. I'm only here btw to see your avatar but it is still too small. Fix it, woman!
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