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  • Didn't know your run home was that easy - might still be a chance then.

    Cooke is an idiot, he deserved that suspension - but when I think back to what Gillies did to Tangradi, if Cooke ends up with 17 games for an elbow - what should you get for an elbow + bashing the back of his head in while he's lights out on the ice, then standing taunting him from the runway?

    I quite like the big suspensions for dangerous hits, especially repeat offenders, but it has to be consistent.

    And Colin Campbell's wheel of justice doesn't do consistency. Especially when his kid bashes someone with his elbow pad. :)
    Reckon your Flames might be done. It's going to be tough to make it from where you are, with so many teams in the race.

    But who knows what's going to happen - I cant believe how close it is. Amazing.
    Mad Pens fan mate!! Lost my shit at seeing Sid back on the ice, if he has no more setbacks I reckon he'll probably get a few games in before the playoffs, which would be massive!
    Yeah Kipper has been on fire. Good contributions across the board. Saw Iginla got his 30 goals up again the other night - 10 seasons in a row. Talk about consistency.

    Haha yeah, I bet it was freezing. Looked ridiculously cold - and yeah tickets would've been ridiculously excessive. Was funny how cold it was there, and for the Winter Classic in the 'Burgh it was too warm for the ice!!
    Man, I freaking LOVE hockey. Obsessed with it. That's why I'm so jealous haha! Your Flames are rolling as well, such a hot run of form - very impressive. Did you get to go to the Heritage Classic?
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