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  • Sorry to see the way things went down against that bloody franchise today mate. It always damages the game when one of those artificial entities win, and no supporter of a real club deserves the indignity of losing to them. Just posted on that thread of yours too, and I really hope things improve for Port before long.
    bad luck yesterday mate. Besides the first quarter you guys showed heart. foot skills where a bit rough but the desire was there...maybe just need to focus on the ball a bit more :) plenty to look forward too for Port.
    Hello friend, just wondering what the deal is with your signature. Lose a bet or something? I rarely peruse Flog Bay so if it is to do with something from there, I wouldn't know, aye.
    Wouldn't happen to be your birthday would it Asgardian?

    Have a good one
    Looking forward to having you on board as a Gold Coast member in 2012, after we finish ahead of your lot this year.
    Here is the transaction
    14-Apr-2011 Trf to other Instit 000000085005 $20.00 $1,139.55 CR19-Apr-2011 RETURN INTERNET TRANSFER JRF 04/19 396 $20.00 $957.05 CR19-Apr-2011 RETURN FEE JRF 04/19 396 $16.50 $940.55 CR
    Like I have said, I'm happy to donate. But wasnt happy with the above.
    i deposited to the account number and bsb proivided. I then got slugged $16 from my bank for an incorrect account transfer. I didnt type the account numbers in when i did the transfer, i copied and pasted from from the account provided. It was only $20, so i am down $16.
    Do you think thats fair???
    A - hope you are well. Much like Dennis' contribution, your Flog 10 made me laugh - and heartily so. Well done, B
    I'll be pwnt on footylulz, but who cares, no-one will see it Kruzin you moron

    And who would have thought that a Footylulz moderator would practice censorship, you fragile petty little hypocrite
    Am enjoying your posting on footyLULZ today. :) You will be pwnt (repeatedly) like no other, I assure you. :cool:
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