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  • G'day mate, would you sticky the Asia Cup thread (starting in Ban tomorrow) and perhaps make the title a bit more inviting, as the thread is rather cumbersome at the moment?

    Cheers! :)

    Edit: If not, I'd be happy to create a more specific thread with details and have one of you guys merge them.
    You've got weapons. Use them wisely. Don't forget to check out the newly visible mod board and the the threads/wiki relating to infractions. Check a poster's infraction before doing anything. I'm around the whole day, so don't be shy.
    I'll be on and off the cricket board for most of the day. I'll leave the modding to you, but I'm around should you need bullets or brickbats.
    Welcome :) Make sure you enjoy yourself!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you while I'm here! :)
    I didn't realise on here that there's so much talk about Domestic Cricket. I'm afraid to say this but Big Footy's getting better than Planetcricket.
    Yeah mate. At the moment I'm going to Boxing Day and also the T20 at the G. Will probably end up going to the ODIs. Can't wait. :)
    Not too bad, I guess not going on PC anymore has affected my BT activity. Noticed one of my batsmen popped to wonderful the other week though. :) Still need to improve my bowling a hell of a lot though.
    Haha, gotta love state passion. I remember when I was 10 and argued about stupid things like whether the Alfred or RPA was better :S
    Yeah, I'm loving the complete lack of international bias! It's really clean as well, although the number of forums makes my head spin :S
    G'day Syl, aus5892 here. Interesting to see you on BF, here for the cricket I'm guessing though rather than the footy.
    Decided to join Big Footy, Syl? ;)

    The posters on here in the cricket forum are deadly. Watch out.
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