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    Is Bigfooty overlooked in the major AFL media?

    I suppose like many sports nowadays simplicity seems to be more highly regarded than validity in the media. A poster on here can make extensive analysis with reference to resources of evidence for the sake of their argument and yet a singular sentence over Twitter is all which is needed for the...
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    Is Bigfooty overlooked in the major AFL media?

    It's always confused me considering the amount of attention to detail platforms like Twitter are given in the AFL media for frequent reference and quotes. Obviously with so many different social media platforms out in the world nowadays it's difficult to have an even distribution of attention...
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    Mega Thread Port Forum 'General AFL Talk' Thread Part 19

    There is no justified place or reason for racism in our world, especially in the entertainment industry where we attempt to isolate society's imperfections and celebrate the significance of our individuality. People are entitled to make up their own opinions towards Adam Goodes as a player...
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    Vic biased 'national' media

    As is the case with many major sports leagues around the world, the AFL are blatant star f***ers when it comes to the teams, players, and venues with the biggest reputations in the media. It also sucks because even players which I use to like a few years back such as Cyril Rioli and recently...
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    Analysis Rolling All-Australian team for 2021

    If they leave Tom Hickey out of the AA 22 the AFL are officially the biggest star f***ers on the planet.
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    Opinion Honest thoughts on the current AFL jumper design?

    We have been wearing the same V design jumper since the 2010 season, and over a decade into utilizing the same design the club seems pretty happy committing to it bar minor colouring changes to the clash strip variant (Since 2019) I wanted to get your honest thoughts on the current design, and...
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    When should we wear the bars? (poll)

    Bring back heritage round and we can wear it once a year in a home game of our choice. Strike a new deal with the AFL so we can promote merchandise off of it as well, the fans deserve to wear the colours just as much as the players. I would love to wear the bars every week, but I understand the...
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    Rank the following Midfield Duos

    2 late inclusions!
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    Rank the following Midfield Duos

    With the recent injuries to Neale and Danger I left both options out, but certainly consideration for the Fyfe / Mundy combo.
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    Rank the following Midfield Duos

    I've selected 3 of what I believe are some of the best midfield COMBINATIONS in THIS season so far. Not just the best individual midfielder all around. I'm a bit hard on Brisbane and Richmond's crop but with their current midfield injuries, I am happy with the 3 options proposed. Rank!
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    Opinion Sack Hinkley 3 - 2021 is worse than 2020 already

    I am confused as to why we write off pretty much everyone, myself included who have differing opinions to the ones contained in this thread. And I don't think this guy is saying anything to promote negative reactions deliberately. Having an opinion and respecting other people's isn't trolling.
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    Analysis On the road

    I actually think making good work of the competition's bottom 10 teams is more beneficial and often easier for ladder stability. We were the one and only team in 2020 with a 100% winning record against every bottom 10 team in the competition I think.
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    Analysis On the road A long time ago yes but thought it was worth mentioning. :arrowup::arrowup::arrowup: Plus the match in round 13 the same year when we came back from 3 goals down against Sydney. Plus the second showdown and our 4...
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    Analysis On the road

    I know Collingwood at the Gabba and West Coast at Optus are night games. Sydney in 2018 was a Sunday twilight and West Coast in 2020 was a Saturday afternoon. I don't recall the exact times for the 2017 matches.
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    Analysis On the road

    Not as bad as the Eagles' road record just yet, but footy classified showed our record on the road against top 8 teams since 2017 has been 6wins 13losses. This year, in particular, we didn't travel well going to Perth or Brisbane, admittedly it's better not to waste our best football prematurely...