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    Side by side to #SaveHakeem

    Yeah apparently it was incorrectly issued, and has since been withdrawn but Thailand still won’t release him or even grant bail.
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    Pre-Season Training 2018-19

    That’s why I usually go on here or Nick’s to find forum member reports. They tend to be more knowledgeable than the media.
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    Scandal Greenwood/Goldsack V Djerrkura

    Man arrested at bar where Collingwood’s Tyson Goldsack, Levi Greenwood were present A 30-year-old man has been arrested at a Northern Territory bar where Collingwood players Tyson Goldsack and Levi Greenwood were present after a charity event on Saturday. NT Police arrested one man following an...
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    Greenwood & Goldy in Darwin and saw a fight

    Can we correct the title of the thread. According to the Herald Sun Greenwood & Goldsack were at a location were an incident not involving them occurred.
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    Player Watch Welcome to Collingwood Atu Bosenavulagi

    We still had 63 but traded it to Hawks for a future pick.
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    Review DAY 2 LIVE - 2018 NAB AFL - Done!

    Following via the web. Did the pies pass or trade selection 63? While I was away from my desk 63 changed from Pies to Hawks.
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    Review DAY 2 LIVE - 2018 NAB AFL - Done!

    I think the draft tracker has broken down. Stiluxk at Tom Berry for me.
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    Review DAY 2 LIVE - 2018 NAB AFL - Done!

    Yay. Will Kelly and no deficit :D
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    Review DAY 2 LIVE - 2018 NAB AFL - Done!

    2 live trades to start today’s draft
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    Review DAY 2 LIVE - 2018 NAB AFL - Done!

    The rookie draft follows straight on after the national draft today doesn’t it?
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    Player Watch Sam McLarty

    I think Roughead is more immedietely ready and will provide good coverage next year as opposed to McLarty who is still a work in progress. It really comes down to where you view our list. If our window is open and we feel we are contending next year then Roughead is the obvious choice, if we...
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    Player Watch Sam McLarty

    To me McLarty suffered from really bad timing. For a lot of the time Oxley was with us our depth just wasn’t that strong. So he survived because there were weaker candidates around him to be delisted first. However in the time since McLarty was drafted our depth has improved out of sight and...
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