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    AFL Grand Final 2021 Grand Final - Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs - Sat, Sept 25 - 5:15pm AWST / 7:15pm AEST

    The Clarkson Coaching Academy dynasty might just continue, then. Actually stunning to think about the impact the great man has had on our game.
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    Game Day Round 23, 2021: Richmond v Hawthorn, 1.35pm MCG

    Loving that Kosi to Lewis
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    Opinion Jeff Kennett News, Media etc.

    At what point does the bullshit he posts on Twitter amount to bringing the club into disrepute?
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    Game Day Round 20, 2021: Hawks v Lions, 2:10pm 1st Aug @ UTAS

    Nearly every time I watch this team play I find myself thinking there really is a lot to work with here. Certainly some missing pieces and needs polish (a lot some weeks) but there is a lot here.
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    Game Day Round 13, 2021: Sydney v Hawthorn, 11 June 2021, 7.50pm AEST SCG

    When I looked across the team selected on Thursday night, I remember thinking that it actually looks like a decent team. Much better than 17th on the ladder. Very happy with what I've seen tonight. Very, very happy.
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    Dangerfield on Kelly

    The thing about the 'accidental head clash' line is that the head clash is really an entirely foreseeable consequence of the choice to bump. Just because something is an accident, that doesn't mean no one is at fault. That it's accidental is why it is graded 'careless' rather than 'intentional'.
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    No Oppo Supporters General AFL and other clubs discussion thread. **Opposition fans not welcome** Part 6

    Yup, Danger clearly made the decision to bump, so he's liable for the head clash. Careless, high contact are certain. The only way for him to play Easter Monday is if they grade it medium which they clearly will not. If they go high impact it's 2 weeks. There is no discount available.
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    No Oppo Supporters General AFL and other clubs discussion thread. **Opposition fans not welcome** Part 6

    Geelong lose to the wooden spooners, we beat the scum by a point after being 39 down at half time, and Danger is almost certainly out of the Easter Monday game. Couldn't really ask for anything more. Also - footy just generally seems an order of magnitude more watchable this year so far.
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    Dangerfield on Kelly

    careless, high contact, high impact Don't really see how it can be anything else. Explanation on Fox Footy right now is actually really good.
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    Autopsy Round 1, 2021: Hawthorn defeat Bombers in a 40pt turnaround!

    What a win! What a time for TOB to start clunking them!!! God damn that was an amazing win!
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    Autopsy AFL 2021 Round 1 - Tigers v Blues Thurs March 18th 7:25pm AEDT (MCG) Tigercast link in OP!

    Come on, even if that wasn't deliberate he deserved to give away a free for how s**t that was.
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    Analysis Hawthorn v North Melbourne AAMI Community series clash, Saturday March 6th 4.10pm at Arden Street

    'Just needs to start clunking some of those marks' JFC
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    BBL BBL Match 52 Sydney Sixers v Hobart Hurricanes at the MCG 1905 AEDT

    This is really lovely batting from Wade. The combination of power and touch is beautiful.
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    4th test Australia v India at the Gabba 1030 AEDT

    Get one to hit that crack but stay a bit low and you could get someone bowled. Would be kinda funny.