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  • Ah, fair enough. Not sure what it fully implies, though. Something to do with talking crap..?

    BTW, do ya read Bluemoon or RAWK (threads on us) at times or do ya tend to stay away from opposition forums?
    Compared to you I am toothless upfront but those three points will be vital should I be sucked into a relegation battle with the likes of Jod.
    What sort of player is Ravel Morrison?

    I've been reading bits about him lately and apparently he could be our best prospect coming through the ranks. From what I have seen of Pogba, I rate him highly but I haven't seen enough/heard enough of Ravel. Was wondering if you knew?
    Yeh, I was just looking through the played draft thread on the soccer board and he pretty much said that he didn't get any enjoyment visiting BF anymore and told JW what he thought in regards to the baiting. Went and checked his profile and he's cancelled his account.

    Didn't mind him as a poster, that's for sure.
    The points lost refer to points we have thrown away (late goals in both away matches) while the points gained refer to the points we were lucky to collect hence it still being at 0.
    Haha, cheers.

    There's so many things that go with his name. Let the Bebe have the bottle..Hit me Bebe one more time..countless opportunities! :D
    haha it was well deserved, very unlike me, you know how i am always witty and clever :) disappointing.
    Good to hear my good man.

    Ok, I had to google Phil Spector! So forgive me!

    And we twatted that Rabotnicki scum! Get it up ya Rabotnicki! One of the greatest wins in club history IMO................... *cough*
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