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  • Ben Carbonaro is a gun.
    Thanks for the kind words mate, I haven't been on here for a while.
    No worries Benny. How's the journalism work coming along?
    Wouldn't happen to be your b-day would it? If so....have a good one Ben :thumbsu:
    Ben, would just like to extend a warm welcome in turning to the dark side of internet posting.

    Your efforts in trolling useless ****s like bushie and Pickman have not gone unnoticed.

    May the jars of Fat Yak be aspy friendly.

    Your pal,

    Hi ,just wanted to personally thank you for you in depth reports on North players involved with Werribee . I live in Sydney and really apreciate your reports. In fact I log on to find out once i know Werribee have played . So thank you and please know your efforts are really appreciated .
    Fair enough, disappointed that you are not over there. I hope you can come back soon.

    Yes, still have an interest in the netball. Melbourne had a good win in the GF didn't they, glad to see the Diamonds beat the Silver Ferns 3-2 as well. They had a couple of tense games there, I remember watching one of them, score was 46-45 I think. No Bianca Franklin for the Fever next season though, we may struggle a bit.
    Good mate, things are going well. Only have one more semester of uni left then I am done. Cricket starts this week too, haven't been able to play the last season and a half cause of work but will be happy to get into it.

    Saw you on Hey Hey it's Saturday on Wednesday Night, I assume you were at the show they have there?

    By the way, are you going to be coming back to TLC? Are you staying away for a reason?

    Are you coming back to TLC? Haven't talked for ages mate, drop me a line when you're not busy. :thumbsu:
    Hi Ben yeah I watched the game on tv and what a ripper it was.
    Adams was great alaong with the rest of the players it really was an inspirational win.
    I was cheering like mad. Hope you and your girlfriend had a fantastic night at the Werribee FC ball. Look forward to catching up soon and thanks a million for the player reports- top stuff Cheers kangalover
    Yep. Nice work mate. Won't be at Coburg. Too much for me to do between now and when I go O/S on the few remaining weekend days I have left whn North aren't playing. I'll be reading the reports though, as always. Cheers
    Nup, no chance Ben. Too much to do around homw. I'll be relying on the reports again, and may even tune in if it's on radio. Cheers mate. T'toes (aka Mick)
    Was great to see you today shame there was not more time for a chat.
    The clipboard looked good, a bit thinner than the red one I thought.
    Will be coming down to a few more games this year so look forward to catching up then.
    Considering how undermanned the team was I thought they did a good job of hanging in there. Sure must have missed some of our North youngsters.
    Yes I am coming down today Ben, I look forward to seeing you and your new black clipboard, will be rather a different look than the red one
    Nup, won't be there Sunday Ben. I look forward to your player reports on Sunday night. Go Werribee Tigers!!!!
    Hi Ben,

    Hope all is weel with you. Unfortunately we will not be able to make it to the game today. Hope Werribee win and that the NOrth boys put up a good performance,unlike the horror game of last night.

    Looking forward to seeing your new clipboard.

    Take care, have a great day
    Warmest Regards
    Kerry kangalover
    Yeah, plenty of time off. I'm going to enjoy the holidays.

    NSW League would serve as the feeder comp for the Swifts. No surprise to see a player come in from there.
    That's fair enough I suppose matey. Would be hard to set exams for such units.

    When do you go back next year?
    How come only one exam per semester? Do your other journalism units have exams?

    Yeah, Curran isn't from WA. Good to see her come over though, will add strength to the Fever team. Should see them become more competitive.
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