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    Review FOX Footy Grand Final Recap - ‘We’re Flying High’. Airs Wednesday March 20 @ 5.30pm WST

    Great review. Off to watch the replay of the GF again
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    Current Leaving Neverland - Michael Jackson documentary

    Hard not believe that it isn't true based on the Doc. Gives a bit of an insight to the psychology of being abused sexually
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    News JLT 2019

    Over on the Freo JLT thread almost all the posts mention Gaff. The Pitchforks and Torches certainly haven't been put away
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    Moved Thread Kayo Sports

    That's 3 times faster than my current ADSL. Sad but true. Nbn is on the horizon though thankfully
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    Movie What's the last movie you saw? (5)

    Star is Born was pretty underwhelming. Started of fairly well but then didnt amount to much by then end
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    Scott Morrison - How Long?

    It has got the point that the Government which has increasingly ceased to actual govern.can now only spend all its energy resorting to fear.tactics
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    boats Boats BOATS! The Australian punditry needs to be put on a life raft and sunk in the Pacific.

    Would have thought that the chance to be relocated to the United States would be far more enticing to the boat smugglers
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    Preview Tom Mitchell out for 2019 with broken leg

    Terrible news for Mitchell. Hawthorn and football in general. Will be interesting to see how the Hawks go this season. West Coast lost NicNat and Gaff and still one the GF so wouldn't be writing them off just yet.
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    Scott Morrison - How Long?

    Been saying this for years. You would have to be very desperate to seek the boat option if your just an economic refugee
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    Bottom 4 According to Fox Sport

    Slumped all the way to a Grand Final win in the end.
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    Suck shit Tim Kelly (WARNING: Thread filled with melts)

    His on an undisclosed 1 year loan. Possible FIFO arrangement depending on family situation
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    Confirmed Tim Kelly 2018 pt 2

    I think Well's said an exceptional deal. Then there was also Brian Cook in August saying that Geelong won't entertain offers for Tim Kelly at end of season
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    Confirmed Tim Kelly 2018 pt 2

    Out of interest. Given an exceptional offer was a pick inside the top 10 according to Wells. What was the range for a fair offer. Also note that 7 of the 10 players selected in the twenties last year debuted including 2 from your own club
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    Early winners and losers of trade period / free agency

    Pretty much every year to be honest.
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    Scott Morrison - How Long?

    Never mind all voting for Hansons it is ok to be white. You have to wonder at the collective IQ of the current government
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