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  • Off season is like death. Everyone is frustrated having a whole 6 months to think about what happened last year.

    From this week we'll have some real footy to talk about, and hopefully a much smoother season...
    Just looked back at our convo, do you still hold rio? Serious win if so. They were around $60 back then!
    Don't think he's a troll. His views are interesting, and he likes making threads a bit too much, but he's doesn't bait people, he's not agressive and he doesn't abuse the Eagles or our players. Pretty failed troll if that was the case.

    You don't have to read him if you don't want to BB. ;)
    Yeh the A-League definitely doesn't. Average, average league that is home to washed up socceroos/players that lack technical ability. Nothing about it stands out in a positive way. The NSL was waaay better.

    There is talent in the up and coming U/23 teams and so forth, for sure. My worry is whether we can get the best out of them. We lack the framework atm but if the country starts being serious about the sport, I think we can definitely be a very good team. I mean look at the US. I'm just not sure this country will invest that much time in soccer for us to be a powerhouse (okay not that good but you know :p).

    Though, our AFL team is currently a huge rabble aye? :(
    Very true. Disgraceful commentary. David Basheer is just a knob.

    Very proud of our effort, though but we still lack quality to compete. We play on heart and give it our best while the good teams can get results by playing at 60-70%. Not sure if we'll ever get to that stage.
    ha ha.

    I think we'll be fine next season onwards but this season we'll have to be go through the pain. I was sort expecting a tough season since we lost so much experience (1000 games worth, IIRC). Though the coaching staff have made some bizzare calls, it must be said.
    I wanna kiss you all over... and over again. I wanna kiss you all over.... Till the night closes innnnnn *TILL THE NIGHT CLOSES IN*
    Hey mate. Yeah for sure. Already getting into it pretty heavily and can't wait for the season to start, although my team changes constantly haha. How about you?

    You heading to the NAB on Friday?
    Hey man, you're up in the draft. Swift and Lecca taken so far. If you're lucky you can get in before boda takes his pick.
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