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    Preview Round 4, 2019: St Kilda v Hawthorn, 14 April 2019, 3.20pm at Marvel Stadium

    FWIW: Howe in , Mirra out if JOM plays , Howe needs game time to prepare for Dangerfield. Mirra in if JOM doesn’t. Rough in for Moore. Bench : Ceglar, Scrimshaw, Scully and Howe.
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    Where is Daniel Howe

    Help please, in case I have missed something can someone let me know where Daniel Howe is up to ? No JLT appearance ? Will he be available for round one ? Thanks
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    Autopsy Hawks vs Saints

    PERFECT SUMMATION , just waiting for the riders of the storm to light my fire ;)
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    Which club is Hawthorn's biggest rival?

    Hey I love the Sydney Spice Girls , that's them for ever now ! Thank you .
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    A champion team beat a team of champions.

    Was showing my son how this all works and having some fun on a Sunday morning over breakfast , don't spoil it , the treads are like the game , not going to cure the planet just helping to colour our world a bit , well beating Sydney will stop global warming and bring peace to the Middle East but...
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    A champion team beat a team of champions.

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    A champion team beat a team of champions.

    I know , just a bit of poetic license on a Sunday morning , but Jesus they so think they are and so does the press.
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    A champion team beat a team of champions.

    For all the froth and bubble on how the bloods do it and how tight they are together , their internal code of doing the right thing for each other , blah blah blah . They just got their pants pulled down by a better TEAM!! So trade ya heart out Sydney , chase down the big guns but it will be for...
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    Autopsy Hawks vs Cats - Another epic is written in the book of freakin' Epic.

    We played crap , errors forced and unforced , our leadership group went missing , the young men tried valiantly and the other guys won . Back to the drawing board . It's not a curse just a game of footy , you play crap you lose . Play better than them you win . Stevie Johnson is a cheap hitter...
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    News This should spice up the Essendon rivalry!

    If anyone can remember the speech Clarko made just after the GF win , he makes a big point of thanking Demitrio and Fitzpatrick for the work they did in a troubling time. Check it out , it is so aimed at the Essendon FC and Hird . That's why I love him . Don't be scared to speak your mind , the...
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    My realistic dream 2010 line up

    my shot for what its worth, with no newbies just existing 22 FB : goo, gilly , brown HB : ellis, shoey, birch (ladson as loose guy in def' ) C : young, mitchell, chance HF : rioli, buddy , dowler FF : ossie , roughy R : Cambell, hodge, sewell I : renouf , kennedy ,sheils ,lewis...
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    Hawk Eye My Man 2009: BALLOT NOW READY ... read on ....

    Re: Hawk Eye My Man 2009! oops thats Mr McGlynn , sorry benny
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    Hawk Eye My Man 2009: BALLOT NOW READY ... read on ....

    Re: Hawk Eye My Man 2009! ben mcglyn again for me please , he's back and ready to rumble.
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    Hawks to play youth

    Murphy all good ready to go . has put on a few kilos and will play NAB cup. should have a stella year.
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