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  • Hey mate lack of internet until this arvo couldnt get on, Good to go for next game. keep me posted
    Unfortunately I could never display such prowess.

    They thought I had a "pin." Well one member anyway (who happens to be a mate of mine irl.) Immaturity at its finest!
    Haha. I really needed to drop the spin though. People were misinterpreting my username ;)
    It might be best for now to delist.

    I just don't have the passion I once had for it unfortunately.:(
    BILC, can you captain the Crocs and Furies when I'm gone? Will be away till 25th.

    (... continued from earlier)

    If its 40 players exactly, yay.
    If > 40 players, await responses on thread from them. Responders get first billing on teams. If responders total say 20, the rest are drawn from lots.

    If <40 players, fill empty slots with players who have only just returned after hiatus, eg Hawks got a few "returners" eg Chief.

    If still <40 players, fill empty slots with 2nd-seasoners who hardly managed any games last season. Can use the stats I put in the "Season 13 Stats/Ladders" thread to calculate. Least games played equals highest chance to play.

    Captains : let them vote on it. Coaches ... heh, you and me?

    Simming? I can do it, but if you want to (and can?) then go for it.

    What do you think?
    Heya, saw you were keen on getting a noobs scratch match underway. Me too. Bonce seems to have given you go-ahead and that's all I was waiting for. So we should go ahead imo.

    I can do it, you can do it, we can share it, whatever.

    My suggestion is:

    Start a thread on it, prep it to receive posts we can update showing all noobs.

    Collate list of all NEW players, those who haven't played at all, ie signings from about Finals time onwards. I can collate that. Post in thread.

    PM them all. I as a mod can PM more of them at a time in a single PM (10 at a time). I can do that. Will add link to the thread.

    (to be continued ...)
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