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Black Falcon
May 23, 2008
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Black Falcon

Club Legend, Male, from Brisbane

    1. GG.exe
      Theres a story behind the avatar. But it's a secret.
      I wasnt a mod on port board, just a member, fan, then left for a lot of reasons---the port board itself, the increasing decrepitness of the power fans themselves (as opposed to the port magpies), and many other reasons like divided state rather back a single region team (GC), have strong connections to the GC and was always waiting for their entry to follow them (in the AFL) whilst always a port magpies fan.
    2. PDJohnson
      Sorry it's taken so long to reply to your blog. I just suddenly lost interest in the whole GC17 concept and forgot about it. They kept sending me e-mails (for 2 months) after I told them they no longer have my support - just goes to show how much attention they take to the surveys. Compared to the extremely professional / successful opperation at the Titans, it's been an enbarressment! The AFL have ALOT of work to do!!!
    3. Beaussie
      G'day Black Falcon, not sure of this new option with Big Footy. Tried to accept you as new friend but it does not seem to work. You have an interest in AFL expansion like me I take it, particularly in NSW/QLD?
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