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  • Hi Black Diamond.

    My name is David Banner and I manage the Prince for the PAFC.
    What I propose to you guys is the offer of a few meal vouchers each week and to use at your discretion. (Maybe for post of the week? Crowd prediction? etc etc)
    I don't wish to Spam your board so I will leave you guys to make a decision on the most appropriate way to action this if you wish to take up my offer.
    Tommorrow we are launching an event in the Legends Bar called 'The Clubhouse'. This is a gameday feature for all Power away games featuring beer specials, 4 tickets for next home game & an Inner Sanctum training session. If any of you are keen or know of any posters who like to watch the game with fellow fans...
    Anyway, thanks for your time and if you do call in to the Prince make sure you ask for me so I can introduce myself. Also, don't hesitate to email me if you want any news on the Hotel, renovations etc
    Thanks Dave

    Hey BD, I still can't post pics in the threads. I would appreciateit if you could look at Boys back in training thread, thanks.
    Hey stranger, hope to chat with you on msn soon. Off to work in a few minutes.

    Take care xx
    I was waiting for someone to say "you can leave your hat on". Your sledge was bad enough though.

    Nothing wrong with my hat. :)
    Hey BD, Jack here, watched last years GF with you out in Novi?? Having a party tonight for the game in Royal Oak, have it live.....Meat Pies, Vegemite Sandwiches etc. Give me a call if you are interested in coming over, I need the support of another Aussie! 248 854 0914
    New job is great. Most of our upper and middle management are Port supporters oddly enough. My Branch Manager is a bulldogs' supporter so it's good to have another footy tragic there (he's the only bloke).

    Still haven't heard from my friends in Texas. Starting to worry me, although I've got big worries closer to home at the moment.

    Glad to hear that all is well. Enjoying married life after what seemed like an endless wait to get there?
    The job is good although I have my days however its nice to have another wage coming into the house so we can do all the renovations. How is your new job going? Nobody picking on you yet?
    Probably one of the most challenging things is to convince an employer that you won't be going back to Australia any time soon, so as much as I have all the right paperwork to say I can work its almost not even worth having.
    I quit CBA yesterday and start at Australian Central Credit Union at TTP Monday week. Can't wait. Finally get away from the toffs and back with the ferals where I belong!!

    Good luck. Hope something comes up soon. Must be tough being in a new place and not knowing too many people too.
    No luck with that one but I have a few more stakes in the fire now, so hopefully, fingers crossed, all will work out soon. What about yourself?
    For the first time in my life, I've been bullied. At work,by someone who has been in banking for far less time than me. She yells at me and abuses me in front of customers, who have complained about her. I raised it 2 weeks ago and nothing's been done, except they're sending the bully on a training course so they can promote her! I hate office politics.

    Interview with ACCU went ok, will hear next week. Also had a phone interview with Bank SA today and will hear next week.Am off work as I've been crook as a big, hairy dog the last week or so, so amazed that my interviews weren't worse. (was off sick before got asked for interviews)

    Just not sure what to do next week if I have to go for assessments etc. My boss cracked the shits about me being away this week,even though I have a medical certificate and am genuinely sick. (haven't left the house for days) Would love to tell him where to go but need another job lined up first!

    Hope you hear soon. Must get a bit lonely home alone. Guess that's why always here wreaking havoc! :)

    Damn I talk too much!

    From Tommy Lee
    No phone call and the person I need to speak to won't be in until tomorrow, grrrrrrrr! Good luck with your interview, why did you leave your last job?
    You stirrer! You KNOW that I don't look anything like her!!

    So how did the job hunting go? Get the phone call?

    I've got an interview tomorrow with a Credit Union as I HATE it where I am (Burnside CBA, don't really fit in with the toffs out there!)
    AM can't have a very high opinion of Pamela Anderson then.

    Still hunting but I may have a little less hunting to do by the end of the day, just waiting for my cell to ring.
    What have you been telling Alberton Magpie about me? This is what he said about me on the Geelong Board : Oh by the way wemon on bigfooty arnt the sort of wemon that men look for, so im sure your probably the tough woman that you are, but I wouldnt call it tough, I would call it Feral, Butch, Ugly, Slag etc etc etc

    Haha! I'm not that butch though am I??

    BTW how's the job hunting going?
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