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  • So tell me who are you?

    You know I'm not Toni right? I only say that because you mentioned Irish in your post.
    Gday Bro. Good luck for the rest of the have deserved it. :D:thumbsu:

    Yea i know........your coming. :p
    Tribunal outs Ballantyne for two

    Fremantle could have accepted a one-match ban with an early guilty plea but chose to contest.

    Well done.
    Hi there, I like the name/avatar, how did you think that one up? I know your a West Aussie, from Perth, and a passionate blues supporter. I was recenty over in your fine city, gee it's a lovely place, my missus and I spent about 4 days there in May, but just didn't get time to see enough, so we'll be coming back. We want to see the Margaret River area next time. I live in Langwarrin, south of the city, near Frankston. I'm in my early 60's, been following the Mighty Blues since my ol man took me to a match at Princes Park when I was six years old. Been to about 1/2 doz games this season. Mostly watch on Foxtel or Free to Air telly now. I've seen all their premierships from the middle 60's on. I don't get on the Big Footy site as much I would like, my missus always complains if I spend too much time on the computer. I have seen a lot of your threads and posts on Big Footy, and look forward joining in and participating as much as I can and continue to be your Buddy. Regards.Lance
    BG We've butted heads but to be fair congrats on you're win over Freo'. I hope you had a good time at Subi, although I'm sure you did.....
    hey mate what was the name of your mate who was the ex national champ? and was that in muay thai? cheers
    Mr. Guns doesn't get the concept! You're supposed to reply on the other person's profile. Get with the times, g-man! Get with the times. :p
    (Swapping over to these commenty thingos. :))

    I'm sure we will have a bit of fun, mate. And don't worry, I won't get shy. I'll definitely keep up with you guys (and girls).
    Yeah I have been flat out with work and what not lately. I am on bigfooty all the time but I don't post 300 post a week like I use to I just post when I want my comment to be seen.
    As for my team mate I seen us at pre season training and thought to myself If we can hold this form and aggression the 09 Premiership might come back to the Kennel so only time will tell ay.
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