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  • Hey mate, can you run the draft today ??? I will be on and off, but my supervisor has just come back from leave and expects me to do work .......... lol.

    I have a couple of pref lists too
    Indie is on looking up wrestling crap ............... Make Stats selection at your leasure
    There is my preference list, i should be online to make my pick but if im not are you able to make it for me? thanks mate
    hey mate
    sorry for the late reply, been flat chat at uni
    havnt had time to do much, barley had enough time to make a few posts and browse a few threads

    and finally saw your thread

    didnt hear much from dad, but i did ask him the day before about all the fuss on the last day of us getting a back fish and he was telling me that everyone thought that because Sticks went in on the last day which is quite uncommon. However he was only there to drop off a few documents off to Stephen Icke as he was having a coffee near Docklands... funny how rumours spread ey?

    Draft should be very interesting, got around a dozen mates who are likley to be drafted a few first rounders so it should be very interesting. Got an invite to one of the boys houses so i might be down to Melbourne , too bad there wont be much football atmosphere.
    i have heard nearly identical to Ytoojae

    my dads best mate played 250 games for carlton and speaking to him today
    carlton are going to trade him, not just for his antics but to make a stand to our younger players that the sort of behaviour wont be tolerated

    as you know the meeting has been post-phone and barristers are now involved because fevola is arguing the trading since he is still in contract however there are clauses which gives us the right to trade him

    i know at the risk of sound like idiot
    fevola is gone from the club and will be announced in the later days and we will be trading him to sydney, though i heard since sydney arent giving up their first round will be trying to pursue ryan okeefe

    IMO, good riddance the club is greater then the man and seriously hes now a verteran and trade him while he still has some worth


    u didnt believe me and u made fun of me so it goes to show i was talking all crap
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