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  • How about those bombers?? Had to start work at 4am so I didn't watch the game... Woke up to msgs from Juddy Dave Tyson and con all going me sh*t about essendon prematurely blowing their loads
    stewart crameri......way tougher than robinson

    robinson is just an ADD ********
    Well funny story that.... Got a msg Thursday night asking if I was over my knee injury and am I available to play on Saturday we are playing the top side and I don't want my return from injury to be a 25 goal belting and am also very unfit due to training twice all year told them I need one more week so I could get pissed at the saints and heckle my "mate" it's not right anyway.... Keeps popping out and have tendinitis
    Wish I was but reckon I'm on the verge of failing one subject and getting a pretty poor mark in another.
    oh yeah thats right you not playing saturday....prob wont start a fight then if youre not there to finish it....lebo bruce lee lol......two hours to come play footy wont hurt though.....prob could do with a break from studying...bad week to miss also....MASSIVE GAME
    haha I came first in the state championships...out of 3 competitors. Good luck with your fight on the weekend, I'll be at home studying for my exams. :( least you can say you`re a black belt...just need you to fire up on the footy field...ill start a fight with the biggest bloke i can find on saturday and you come in a bust some kung fu on his ass
    hahahahahahah apparently juddy has a black belt too.... i did judo for a while...came 8th in the state championships
    You sound shocked? :confused: :D

    Day I received my black belt is the day I lost all faith in martial arts. Skill didn't come into it - pay the money for the test and you'll pass to the next belt unless you're a complete *******. :eek:
    LOL! Tyson's rubbing off on you. Yeah, pretty sure I'll play this week but it almost feels like a bye.
    god i was drunk last week haha had to get someone to drive my car home....i have become one of those piss heads that hangs around footy clubs getting drunk every week
    you will def play this week against jacana....i wouldnt even go to training if i were you
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