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  • Hey Bobby,

    re. Junction Social Club Stand. My surname is Murray, but no relation to Bulldog. We used to sit in front of a older couple who's surname was also Murray. Took us a few years to find that out - I distinctly remember Mr Murray being a massive fan of Bobby Beecroft - "Bobby Baby, you little Bewdy!" he'd yell out. I remember he was also not a massive fan of umpire Glenn James. Around us was the Hart family - I believe the brother or son of Eddie Hart who played for the Roys or was an Official. I think the Hart's were from out Templestowe way. My sister and I used to kick the footy with the Hart kids a lot at the Junction games. Thought I'd mention all that in case you were a relative of either the Murrays or the Harts.

    What great time it was. I was born in 72. My first game was in 75. In 76 I saw my first win - and apparently I said "so what happens now" cos I'd never seen us win before. Great place for little tackers to grow up and have a kick.
    Dear Bobby
    I'd like to thank you for going on my friends list.I havn't been on for a couple of days im a little flat out at the moment.
    Its a supprise i havn't been banned again it happened a couple of times lol
    Anyway take good care hope to catch youy soon.
    Maroon Goon
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