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  • Well the Lyon and Beer ones were thanks to listening to Shane Warne.. and paying too much attention to T20. I've had this discussion with others before on O'Keefe.

    As for the other decisions, they go against NSW because the selectors are forced to back down a bit on them due to the NSW bias they have. I mean hell, Katich himself went to NSW deliberately knowing that playing for NSW was more likely to get you picked.

    Was the pitch as much of a road as I said? :p
    Ok, now I get you. Would have been easier to say that. I'd still say it helped being a blue. Just like it helped Henriques and a few others. There have been other fast bowlers that are young from other states that haven't even had their named mentioned, like McDermott, Richardson, Putland, Coulter-Nile etc. They however don't wear a baggy blue. People don't like to admit it.. but there is more than a coincidence that NSW players get picked ahead of others.
    Well, for starters you agreed with what I said.. and then because of that I apparently have a chip on my shoulder.
    Do you aim to post things that don't make sense and are completely stupid? Because if you do, I congratulate you.
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