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  • It's just little things like making sure I've got the team and such. I know it's hard to monitor someone else but...

    Just the odd post here and there is really helpful.

    Take care, mate. :thumbsu:
    Hey mate, I really need some assistance with the Demons. I'm not as good as the other Captains and I just want to know if you're still interested in Captaining the club with me.

    Let me know, yeah?

    Take care.
    Could you tell Grim that if he lets me back that he can set strict rules for me to follow.

    I would love to come back, he just hates me for some reason.
    Hey, can you try to get me unbanned over at TAE please? Tarks is trying and that afl08 guy. I sent two emails asking to be unbanned and tried adding him on myspace to ask if I could be unbanned.

    He banned me for no reason.
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