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    Roast IF it isn't biased or ncompetent..... THEN it must be inciteful media coverage part II

    Jordan Lewis is still so salty after that 2018 preliminary massacre, never a positive about West Coast without the next word being “however...”
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    West Coast Eagles 2021

    And hopefully a touch of Willie Rioli magic to top it off in the finals. But tempering expectations, this was one game early in the season, and Yeo and Shuey no certainties to feature prominently this year. But this is why, as the Gov once said "ya gotta love your footy"
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    Banter RDT 157 - Not allowed

    ok, won't open, gateway timeout please tell me this isn't the joke my expectations are low but ... please?
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    Banter RDT 157 - Not allowed

    OK, so kiddies jokes now, as opposed to dad jokes? you're on! What do you find in an empty nose? Fingerprints and What is the difference between snot and broccoli? You can't get your little brother to eat broccoli
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    Autopsy Positives and Negatives vs Bulldogs - Rd 2, 2021

    On The Couch highlighted Liberatore's clearances, however of the 5 they showed, 2 were very clear throws. "quick hands" indeed
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    Autopsy Positives and Negatives vs Bulldogs - Rd 2, 2021

    Negs: Was it just me watching with only one eye or was there a systematic knee dropping into the legs of our players, esp forwards, when on the ground after a contest? Allen copped several, eve Redden late in the game Langdon and Cripps poor disposal and lack of contest at times was telling...
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    News Willie Rioli - 2 yr ban. Returns 20/8/21 (134 days)

    Dare I say I think all this talk of polony is just spamming this thread? (cue singing vikings)
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    Unofficial Preview West Coast v Fremantle FEB 27th: Scratch Match **LIVE STREAM SAT 27th FEB 10am

    Melbourne supporters surely?? Even before we broke them...
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    Banter RDT 157 - Not allowed

    Surely India need to be fined for a clearly substandard pitch. makes a farce of test cricket And who is best suited to a pudding top pitch?
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    Oppo Camp Regular Non Eagles Discussion

    My biggest frustration with this, not just with the AFL but in many other spheres of life, is that someone: a) puts in place a trial b) it doesn't work c) add another trial based on the first failure, (not just a re-tinkering) BUT d) doesn't remove step a) So you just get a progressively...
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    News Willie Rioli - 2 yr ban. Returns 20/8/21 (134 days)

    A Roman walked into a bar. The barman asked "martini?", and he replied "no, only one"
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    News Willie Rioli - 2 yr ban. Returns 20/8/21 (134 days)

    from an Edinburgh fringe festval... i for one like roman numerals
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    Training 2021 - Preseason Thread

    Photo by James Worsfold any relation?
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    AFL Lookalikes AFL Look-a-Likes: Chapter 6

    I really liked this show (Happy) Pity they canned it after 2 seasons
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    Countdown to Eddie's exit

    Why would Collingwood FC want Eddie gone now? He is helping them clear the decks. He knew this report was coming and could have left earlier, but didn't. Instead he has taken all the flack off the club and focussed it upon himself, which has significantly altered the direction of the media...