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  • Nice, my 'band' is looking to perform in the regional BotB next year so hopefully we can get a bit of fame haha.

    Win of course :D Although you'll be copping it up there if we lose?
    That's gotta be great for experience though :D At least you get gigs, I'm stuck with a garage band and occasionally BotB.
    Didn't realise you were in NSW. Sounds pretty good though, how'd you get public interest? Through school or Battle of the Bands or something?
    Exactly right, watching them live is unbelievable. Possibly even better than Coldplay in 2009, and that's saying something.

    Nice, you play in a band? I play guitar/keyboard, occasionally jam it with my mates.
    Yeah TLE are sick. Saw them a couple of weeks ago at the Community Cup, they'd have to be one of my favourite bands.

    How long have you been learning bass?
    I was looking through some TLE covers on youtube, so you imagine my surprise when I realised you were a mad bass player.
    unfortunately mate if you want to change your name you'll have to create another account, I suggest you do this if your not to worried about statistics etc. If your a "gold" member you get bigger avatar, faster usage and less advertisements. Hope that helped.
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