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    no problem, i can understand it would be frustrating.

    i suggest you edit/delete your last posts in the hope that your player lasts out to your next pick. You never know, somebody else might not pick on time and you could move back up.
    Hey mate, would love some ideas - you can PM - or send via e-mail (equity_m8@hotmail.com) - whatever suits you really! What you thinking of for this week?
    Mate I'm not sure if you got my PM (can't access my sent items for some reason!)

    If so, could you please PM me your bets every day or whenever you do them! Thank you, appreciate it mate!
    Hey buddyhawks23

    so far in the league, we have 15 people in. Out of this 15, I know the BigFooty identities of 12. This means that there is one person that still needs to join and three people that need to confirm their username.

    So, if you could head over to this thread and confirm which team is yours -


    Or, if you are the person that is yet to join the league, I do believe that I've PM'd everyone the code already so just join off that.

    Biggest Maggot to ever live, get a job if you want cash rather than steal it from your fellow supporters. I doubt you will be coming back to this forum because everyone thinks your a stain.
    I cannot fathom that a fellow Hawk would rip off another.:thumbsd:
    Do us a favour and join Scum FC (no I'm not referring to Essendon). We don't want your type at Hawthorn.

    Time to hit the road jack!
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