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  • He's the nicest monkey of them all. He has a PHD, he can drive tanks and can fly a spaceship. He is going to take us to the planet of Beermuda.
    Hi there ms campbell, its bloody cold down here. I was up in brissy a few weeks back, how I miss the warmth! Hope all is well with you.
    Gday Campbell
    Sorry i havn't been in contact as i think i was locked out of the system and blocked for a long time a couple of weeks grrr
    Anyway take care mate
    Red Adair
    Campbell, I was there. It was a great game, even tho' we lost. It was closer than the scores showed, and St Kilda were rattled in the last quarter. Hope you watched the game or some replay.
    Hi Campbell, I see that we agree on most things, including other than footy.

    I think our guys will really have to be on the ball this sunday. I'll be there in the AFL stand.
    Idiot supporters! Well I'm just mortified. You have been banned from the Brissie website. Well I'm probably next in line. Never understood why you weren't allowed to have your say. Hopefully you will be back soon, variety is the spice of life.
    gees werent we wrong about Browny...

    I always thought that it would be strange to see him at another club
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