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  • you need to pick again, you already have 2/2 LBs. Cant have suggs. He's a LB too.
    Hey camsmith,

    Tried to send this in a PM but your inbox was full.

    The NFL season is fast approaching and so is this season of BFFFL-2.

    I'm interested to know who of you guys will be continuing this season.

    Committing to the league means committing to be active constantly during the time in which the draft is taking place and to regularly check your team when the season is going.

    PM me or post in this thread ( to confirm if you are in or out.

    If you don't respond to this PM before this Wednesday (28/07) you're assumed out and will be replaced.

    Looking forward to a good season.
    nah its cool. i understand people got other stuff to do, and the draft was started so suddenly. just gotta try to rally people cos others are set to go and get frustrated as well. so trying to please everyone.
    Managed to get it through FM, not a great game but a good goal from Niko to get the win, gives us a backup plan at least if we can keep winning.
    Nah i'm doing work experience placements which is typical! Some of my family are going to the game though. Shame about Wembley's rubbish acoustics, although if it sounds loud at Fratton with 18 thousand there it's gonna be louder whatever!

    It's also 110 years to the day (On Saturday) since that famous (ish!) meeting in Old Portsmouth when the club was formed
    Oh yeah, the whole city has gone FA Cup mad, they're
    queueing up all around Fratton Park, they say we could have sold 60000 if we had them.
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