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  • Hey cannons, you catch the Bradley-Alexander fight at all? I was away but heard it was a snore fest and Alexander eventually quit???
    Cannons my good man. Have I got you riled up? It is but I, an old nemesis with far too much time on his hands.

    You Melbourne posters are too easy to get a bite from :)
    yeh they would be a great combo
    yeh i really want dustin martin
    but there has been said that we are interested in ben cunntington which wouldnt be to bad i would rather dustin martin
    who do u want melbourne to pick u with ur 2nd round pick?
    The potential is based mainly on his size and agility. It must be the basketball background, like with Tippett. But you just don't see a heap of forwards who are both agile and strong enough to play in the ruck. The thing with Black though, is that he shown that he has strong hands and is a good kick too. So he has shown the skills, to go with the potential. Obviously you have to remember that he is playing Colts, so he would be one of the bigger guys out there. But still....

    I think both the Bulldogs and the Saints will be looking at him, but with Panos and Carlisle also around the mark, there is a chance of him getting through to Melbourne. I'd be hoping you pass on him though, so he gets through to Fremantle.
    Aaron Black is a fairly interesting one. He has played the majority of the season in the WAFL Colts, with just the 3 league games. And he really didn't do a lot in those 3 games.

    But there's just something about him, and he has really come from nowhere to be a possible first rounder. I'm waiting for the draft camp to see how tall he really is, but I would say around the 195cm mark. Strong hands and a good shot on goal, and has stints in the ruck so he is pretty agile.

    Biggest weakness would be that he has primarily played Colts, but I don't think it will count against him too much as he just has so much potential. I would absolutely love him at Fremantle, but I doubt he'll even make it to your second round pick.
    I think we all needed a break from the Bay 13 WC/MEL war. The post counts were rising, the s**t talking was reaching an all time high, and everyone was being carded.

    We shall resume the battle at a later date. For now, my attention is squarely on those scum who support Carlton ;)
    What did you get carded for mate? Unless it was for something outside of Bay 13, I haven't seen you post anything ban-worthy.. Get back soon, with Wona gone and GM_B carded, your boys are lacking a bitta oopmph! ;)
    Crikey Cannons... wonder what happened to you here mate? Hope you get in touch thru another avenue anyway.

    Oh - you went onto the North board... and I noticed some pretty Bay-esque trolling from both sides during that thread too...

    Mostly I've found the Kangas fans to be a pretty good bunch though. A lot of them are mates too.

    Know we get the odd troll from one or two of them, but every club has those...
    I rate Diaby but you are right about his consistency. Still reckon Arsenal could be the surprise winners this season, playing excellent football.
    hay mate, sorry for taking so long to reply.. I must of looked and not replied at the time and thus completely forgot about it!

    yeah John has been playing pretty well of late. Been in the best for Power in the last few games and kicked a couple of goals each week and taken 4 or so contested marks on average a game. Really want Melbourne to pick him up.
    From the youtube vids I saw, he looks good :D

    He is out with a 3 months injury though, so we wont be able to see probably until next year. I reckon Arsenal are a sneaky chance to win the EPL this season.
    Well, we won't be too lonely I reckon mate - our Bay crew is of a pretty decent size these days!

    Seems like it's always the way as a Melbourne fan at the moment though - almost never completely at full strength ;)
    Dont really know much about him apart from him being a defender. Not many Arsenal fans know much about him but its a typical Wenger signing.

    I dont think our squad is good enough to win the EPL this season unless Rooney and Berbatov score 50-60 goals between them. Just have to hope, the young kids that we signed come good or we'll be screwed for another season or two.
    Can't derail the threads on bay 13, so let's discuss the EPL through here aye?

    Where abouts do you reckon, Arsenal will finish?
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