Carn the Roys!

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  • Any Roy comrade of great blokes like Mobbsy and the Goon rates well in my book :thumbsu:

    Thanks for the update about the MHSOB game mate, horrible news though it was...
    Hi..just touching base...I understand your a friend of Mobbenfuhrer.....I sent him an email recently and he has not replied....just wondering if you make contact with him...let him know he has mail at bigfooty.....thanks....i read in one of his old posts he had some old footscray photos...i'm very interested to learn more....thanks
    Yep mits just great to know you too mate,i know what you mean when youm see our colours 96 on brisbane, and brownie hes a leage. but i only made it to 1 game last year A F L i mean and the Fitzroy thing is realy rolling along and going from strenth to strenth so jump on its only $25 bucks a member,you carn"t get a hot meal for that now days lol
    T G C mate remember brothers till the end NEVER SAY DIE
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