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  • hey come join this site i know it looks sh*t at the moment but we are just getting it up n running. we have some guest writers incl. Warnie from DT talk but would love you to come and join up. thanks. come chat on there any time! LIVE chat 24/7
    iss this the real cartman121?
    omg you are my hero no doubt the best poster on BF
    keep up the good work i james hopes to one day be 1 100th of the human you are

    p.s. ur a hommus sexual
    Your inbox is full.....
    You have been invited into BF SC Div 1 for 2010. Please accept/decline your invite ASAP. At some stage today we will be opening it up to the next in line, so get in quick!

    you need to clear your inbox!
    anyway I was writing this:
    "Thinking of starting to play Poker online. What sites would you recommend? Also at this stage I'm probably not as into it as your (e.g. staying up all night playing qualifiers etc) but I would like to some stage though."
    Thanks mate
    oi i might do a you and buy membership 4 bigfooty it comes with it apparently if u donate for this matthew kreuzer sponsorship thing so.... poss give it a go if i have some extra cash
    yeh im pretty addicted atm i wont lie just trawling the carlton board the last few weeks rarely post though i mainly just like to see what others post
    Excuse me YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHO U ARE TALKING TO, i am 5 time champion of the fish Tank $100 added! also i have taken down prestigous tournies alah lucky Dollar Semi Turbo, Lucky DOllar SH and Lucky Dollar Omaha Hi/LO ! You sir are a big fish mupept donkey
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