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  • Hey man, seeing as I deleted facebook months back I I have no way of keeping in contact with people. How's Germany?

    When are you back?
    I looked into going especially... then I saw the ticket prices. And remembered that when I went to 'see the 2009 Ashes' I actually saw a lot less cricket than if I'd stayed home and watched it on TV!
    Haha would love to - was over there almost three years ago now!

    You popping over the ditch for the Games? Should be a cracker!
    It is rather rude to request something by PM without clearing your inbox! Honestly, you'd think your team had saved the world from the Scum going back-to-back the way you Cats supporters carry on :p
    You asked how old I was! Anyway instead of commenting on one post I made I suggest you read all of them. Was a blake fan which the majority of Geelong supporters wouldn't have been as he was a true underdog and despite what others have said in the past most would have been hoping he came good. However the rumors of his attitude and animosty between him and past/present player weather true or not divided people into the two camps we now have regarding blake. Couple that fact with us losing Mumford (Do not blame blake for this) and it makes it even worse. I just think I may have got off topic with a couple of other people who seen blake in very positive light, which as you can tell I don't. Anyway its my opinion, proably should have shown it in another thread.
    I see you don't like my opinion of blake and that I don't believe the sub rule killed his carer. By the way a bit older than you!
    Sorry to hear you won't be there on Saturday mate. Hope it's enjoyable day either way.

    Who would have expected this half decade when we used to converse back in 2006?
    Haha I had the weekend away, just got back. Feeling calm. Will start to tense up come Thursday.
    Wow you've been overseas for ages.

    Just working full time mate, holding down the fort.

    When are you home?
    Nice mate. I happened to be reading the thread you started with your brother's (?) account about your trip. Had no idea it was you until right at the end.
    Hope all works out however you want and you enjoy the trip mate!
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