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  • Not as long as you, because of age difference. :thumbsu:
    But ive really started to follow soccer 5 years ago and because of my Italian heritage i followed Juve.

    Join the Juventus Supporters Group i created.
    There is gonna be regular updates for the new stadium.
    mate don't bother arguing with the trolls about soccer... it's the same old arguments going in circles.. went through it in high school and no one ever changes their view, so why bother stooping to their level and trying to change their's? honestly, dont let the trolling bait you in.. let them have the last word because at the end of the day it should mean nothing to your life.. we move on and we look forward to the development of players
    Thanks for going on the friends Chop's. And for the help with the World football mate. Will chat later bout something else too but will P M it i think. take care.
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