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  • Thanks mate, I know what you mean.
    I was in a shop last season and a Dad came in with his 3 kids all wearing Freo kit, it was like finding water in the desert:D
    Hey is the email I got from you today legit or what?

    Suspiciously poor spelling and grammar to make me want to click on the link. You been surfing porn and picked up something dodgy?
    Went the Aqua TTG with shoes for only $1200.

    Figured I wouldn't notice the difference for a first roadie!
    My feet are a bit on the wide side, which is always good to hear.

    They're run out models though, hopefully they have a large frame in stock.
    Looking to get into an entry level road bike, probably around 1000 bucks. Any suggestions? Esp for 2011 models or second hands?
    Serious. There are some very juicy projects with the Mekong River Commision doing just that. Not massive money,(which you don't need here anyway), but look sh*t hot on the CV for a young bloke. Flood mitigation experience would help too. Just not Vietnam, but Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. Not China though. They're just c****!! Give me a holler brother.
    Diabolical! You would think they'd learn after all that's happened this year. I just cannot believe how unprofessional they seem.

    hurrah for La Vuelta! Looks to have quite a few exciting stages this year. Think I'll go out for a quick ride before the broadcast starts. Not the biggest fan of the Team Time Trial, but it sure beats watching Freo get thumped by 100pts.
    you stil breathing dood? miss your canny appraisals, or is all hope really lost?
    You're an inspiration to us all chops! Bring her back I say. Yeah fcking soccer games are ridculosly priced in europe, I want to see arsenal vs chelsea on boxing day and tickets are on ebay for 300 pounds.
    Some basic swearing:
    El burro sabe mas que tu
    vete al carajo, pendejo
    Hueles a mierda
    Hijo de puta
    Tu eres mas feo que el culo de un mono
    ir a tomar por el culo
    Es usted jodido estupido or simplemente fingir
    pedezo de mierda
    mierda de cerdo

    Can't really help you out with pickup lines..
    slag/b*tch/dog in whatever context..

    I know heaps of swear words rather than adequate conversational spanish/portuguese..
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