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    Autopsy Round 8 = Richmond 113 - 86 Collingwood

    I think it shows Madgen is more important to our defensive matchups than many would like to acknowledge. At least until Roughy or Dean are available.
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    Player Watch Darcy Cameron

    So you are saying we are chasing Naughton
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    Player Watch Aiden Begg

    I don’t understand the need the pigeon hole him so early in his career. Let him play where the opportunity exists. I am sure he has plenty of work to do on the basics before they start looking at specialisation. Being around the ball and getting involved in more contests can only aid his...
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    Game Day Round 8 vs. Richmond, Sat 07/05, 1:45pm MCG

    2 easy goals. Suggest you go back and look at 12.45 in first quarter. Begg isn’t clunking that at this stage. Cameron had more disposals, more tackles, more hitouts, more clearances, more goals. He also had more time on ground so that is to be expected. But to suggest Cameron did nothing...
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    Player Watch Aiden Begg

    I was not cherry picking anything. Your statement was ‘If anyone thinks we would have won the hitouts with Cox doing the duties I can only chuckle’ If you said clearances I might agree, but you said hitouts. I think it is highly likely a 210cm Cox would have got more than 2 hit outs if he...
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    Player Watch Aiden Begg

    If think it is reasonable to assume Cox would have won more than 2 hit outs for the entire game if selected. Whether he would have been more effective overall is a different issue. While we weren’t punished today, Begg’s very limited ruck craft at the moment will probably come back to bite...
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    Player Watch Tyler Brown

    He was always a project player so I am not that concerned about it being year 5 and stats don’t always tell whole story. He did some good things but as I said he needs to build going forward to retain his spot.
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    Player Watch Jack Ginnivan

    Never use the word ‘dank’ in association with our club. You should be band for at least a week for that atrocity.
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    Player Watch Tyler Brown

    I agree. I am surprised by all the negativity. Think he did a few nice things and thought he did enough to retain his spot. But he would want to improve on that or he will not keep his position in the longer term. His brother should go before him.
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    VFL 2022 VFL R6 v Coburg (SAT APRIL 30 1.05pm @ PIRANHA PARK) [Stream: AFL app &]

    Think this is largely a myth. Those that suffer were probably never going to make it anyway. There is no way of proving this is true or not.
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    Player Watch Aiden Begg

    I have an opposing view. Rather him being in the middle and involved in more contests. Up forward he would have been involved in about 1/4 of the contests he has had playing in the middle. Learning to compete against men more important than learning forward craft at this point.
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    Player Watch Aiden Begg

    He isn’t ready and it could be ugly. After all, Jothathan Brown didn’t get a touch in his first game so it is a possibility. Hopefully he competes well and doesn’t get completely schooled. We aren’t a premiership threat so no real harm will be done and the experience can only be good for him.
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    Player Watch Patrick Lipinski

    Not sure I agree with that. I think Lip is more consistent in disposal quality, but some of Crisp’s disposals following his drive through the midfield are terrific. His goal on the weekend an example. You don’t ge that dash from Lip.
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    Game Day Round 7 vs. GC Suns, Sun 01/05, 1:10pm MCG

    A lot rated Ugle-Hagan but that doesn’t means he is above being dropped.
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    Game Day Round 7 vs. GC Suns, Sun 01/05, 1:10pm MCG

    Any way you cut it 2 disposals is not good enough.