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  • Hi Comrade,

    My favourites include Time Tough, Monkey Man, In the Dark, Take me home country roads, Love gonna walk out on me, Funky Kingston....

    If you're interested, IMO the Maytals best album is In The Dark. Here's a review I'm registered on this site but I'm pretty sure you can open the link. (Well worth signing up because it's a fantastic music resource and they won't spam you).

    Viva la revolucion
    I mean live the Creed, live the Creed.

    Carry was a super player for us (I'm guessing you think so too ;)), and his contribution is undervalued in a lot of ways. People get easily seduced by the super-athletic footballers and overlook all the qualities really talented, tough players bring to the table. All this talk of him being past his use by date at <30 is nonsense.
    Mostly I thought Josh did his own thing that day, but generally it's thought that he was minding mostly Lappin and also Power. Voss gets a minor mention.
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