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  • Thanks for the kind words mate, and that respect thing is a two way street - our clubs have a lot of similarities. Good luck next week although you won't need too much of it (I suspect we may have done you a favor last night - would not have been all that confident if we had of got through).
    I got that game on now as well. 3 games on in AUstralia today, Wisconsin, Louisville games and this. I like this. Love the upsets, and I enjoy seeing SEC schools lose ;) (But I'll be going for LSU anyway, due to my dislike of Oregon)
    Come over after opening day, I wouldn't mind a discussion about the game. Isiah Crowell sounds pretty good :)
    Yeah, I was checking out prices. Should of gotten into the Boise section before it sold out.
    Was 1/4 the price of the next cheapest seats.

    I was wondering, I was reading some old 2007 stuff last night (race for MNC game, Fieata Bowl, MNC game discussion, 2007 season tips, NFL CC week) and I saw you were active around then, just wondering why you don't get active again, college seems to be gaining interest again here :) Seemed like there were a few regulars back then, but 2 of them left :(
    G'day mate when do you want to go round the block for another ear bashing? Bay 13 has banned me forever. Rusty had a sooky la la
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