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  • Oh look.. It's complain o'clock.. Time for your daily whinge Corpuscles.

    It's ok.. I hate TLC too.. Imagine a place where a close knit community can have fun, post/say things without such restriction & yet still talk footy.

    Are you angry because Hall & Micky O leaving means your forward line will resemble Melbournes? It's ok.. I would be sad too..
    Wow nice meltdown on the "Barry Hall Banner thread". I think Barry needs to punch a sense of humour into you Swans mob!

    P.S Lach72 >>>>> you!
    Hey Corp.. thanks for contributing to the jollity and general merriment of that topic yesterday mate ;)

    Now I'm in the process of preparing for the coming of our Messiah, Jack of Melbourne - it is confidently predicted that he will part the Yarra River (although Christ knows why you'd ever want to, one brown stream is bad enough!), free the slaves and lead us all to Israel... or at least make sure we don't get lost on the way to the G at any rate...
    Mate, hat tip to that youtube vid was funny stuff, however leaving the doggies for Carlton? :eek:
    Corpo-join in the flog bashing to rid the bay of that scum. I could use your eloquence to embarras him into leaving.
    Luv to catch up for a JD :D xext time your in Melbourne.
    I maybe in Sydney for the NRL gf if the Storm make it. Last year spent the day at the Royal Oak Hotel, (Mossman I think). Not a bad place could easily see myself going back there.
    Join in the fun with the South Australians Corpy....never realised how thick these Crows supporters are. :D
    Mate - I just wanted to say that I finally read the thread about the MCB PP, and I was very annoyed by what some of the posters said about the two of us, as you are a Tier 1 poster in your own right, and no-one's man.

    Moreover, for what I am worth, you have my utmost respect.

    What, if anything, do you want us to do with the twerps in question?


    PS - this was originally a PM but your letter box is full
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