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    Autopsy Roast & Toast R16 vs Gold Coast & Changes for R17 vs Collingwood

    Sydney game for me was the clincher. I know it was early in the season and in previous years we’d played stinkers and rebounded well, however they absolutely cut us to pieces and we couldn’t adjust at all. Literally destroyed in ever facet and to be honest we have barely recovered since then...
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    The Bigfooty Liverpool Thread

    Thiago unlikely to feature ☹️. Want him back so bad!
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    The Bigfooty Liverpool Thread

    Think Taki will take a lot from that. Should have had two goals really. I’m keen to see how he kicks on for the rest of the season, he should take a heap of confidence from starting + playing a full 90.
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    The Bigfooty Liverpool Thread

    Salah benched cos of his interview?
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    The Bigfooty Liverpool Thread

    fu** Everton. If we had a fit VVD and Thiago, we would win the league by so much it wouldn’t be funny.
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    Training Preseason 2021

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    Training Preseason 2021

    I thought Dimma was back in the New Year?
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    Player Watch #4 Dustin Martin - Kidney injury will miss the rest of the season

    He’s grouse at footy.
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    We are an incredible football club.
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    Autopsy Roast & Toast PF vs Port Adelaide & Changes for Grand Final vs Geelong

    Tom Lynch rent free
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    Player Watch #9: Trent Cotchin is an obscenely good 3 x Premiership Captain, Victorian Captain & Brownlow Medalist

    His name is Trent Cotchin, he wears the magic hat.
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    Autopsy Roast & Toast SF vs St Kilda & Changes for Port Adelaide

    Lynch gets a week. Watch it
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    Game Day Semi-final - Richmond vs St Kilda Friday 9 October 2020 - 7:50 PM

    Will Lynch get a week?