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Cousin Jed
Last Activity:
Jul 21, 2017 at 6:30 PM
Jul 29, 2007
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Awarded Medals 4

December 18
Right Here
Number Cruncher

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Cousin Jed

Retired President of BigFooty, Male, from Right Here

Cousin Jed was last seen:
Viewing thread New facilities? Update: Smoke on the Springfield, Jul 21, 2017 at 6:30 PM
    1. Phone
      The Governor ‏@TheGovernorSM

      @chloejane32 Joking? @CricketAus have disowned Greg Ritchie & charged @darren_lehmann with speaking his mind. Freedom of speech?
      Retweeted by Darren Lehmann

      he can't be stopped
      1. damochandler
        it's funny shit. all the journos have told him to **** off
        Jan 6, 2013
    2. Phone
      The Governor @TheGovernorSM

      Shane Watson has broken down with calf soreness @PeterYoung1952. 20-20 cricket has caused this sudden run of (cont) http://tl.gd/jscv92
      Retweeted by Daniel Brettig

      serious questions have to be raised about daniel brettig
    3. PAdman
      demoted mod?
    4. grizzlym
      Cj, many thanks, you are now a civilian again. Anytime you need anything done let me know. And anytime you want back in, just let me know, mate.
    5. Phone
    6. Lance Uppercut
      Lance Uppercut
      I thought you'd like it :)

      Wanted to return the compliment from when you had mine up on the joys of modship :cool:
      1. francis66 likes this.
    7. Grimreepah
      Ah yes, his name is Brett, isn't it?
    8. Necromancer Beth
      Necromancer Beth
      Your profile picture is a lie :p;)
    9. Phone
      you ain't got nothing else to do. As shown by:
      Last Activity: Today 21:16
      Current Activity: Moderating
    10. Phone
      Top 5 would be my preference too, but I'm slightly worried about the response. Like while you, I and a few others would have no problem naming off the best 5 performances on the whole, I'm worried people might just wanna name their team's best performances.

      Then again I'm really only expecting about 10-15 guys anyway. So yeah let's do 5 best on the whole. Might post my best 3 by state in my OP just as a reminder though. Thinking I might just leave it for the shield, cause I don't really remember much of the FRC and BigBash

      Any other possible problems.
    11. Phone
      2011-12 Shield Awards: Phone starts thread, asks people to nominate the three best batting performances and three best bowling performances from each state (a WA fan can just nominate the best WA performances, or he can nominate the best performances from each state, which is obviously the ideal situation) and maybe post a best XI for the season. After a few days I create a poll to pick the winning performances. All during this you're in the background making sure this is all working out fine.

      What's wrong with this. I've put little to no thought into it
    12. Phone
      that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me
    13. Jorgo
      Roger that. He's passed his request in so it's over with anyway.
    14. Dirty Bird
      Dirty Bird
      And what's right?
    15. BACCS
      Wouldn't support the same side as you would he?
      1. francis66 likes this.
    16. Grimreepah
      Another year of footy ruined!!!!!!!!
    17. Tassieboy
      Mate, you might want to get another official Haddin thread happening otherwise they'll be propping up left right and centre! :)
    18. Phone
      I can't think of anything funny though

      (as opposed to when I believe I've thought of something funny which turns out to not be funny)
    19. Phone
    20. Tassieboy
      Seeing your on, I'll be a pain and ask for a sticky on a belated thread! Cheers :)
    21. Cotchin 9
      Cotchin 9
      Can't believe you picked NZ again! Hah
    22. legend166
      If I have free reign to ban people for harping on about state rivalries, I'd love for it to happen.
    23. TheBrownlowMan37
      Lol, cheers Jed.
    24. Cotchin 9
      Cotchin 9
      Going to catch any cricket my friend?
    25. OzBomber
      Wanna merge the 1001st post into the new thread? :)
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    December 18
    Right Here
    Number Cruncher
    AFL Club:
    Brisbane Lions
    Cricket: Sheffield Shield:
    Other Teams:
    Red Sox, Qld


    My team's average age is younger than your's
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