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  • hi mate, i saw you posted something recently about a new jumpers and my home club are also the cats and in 2012 we got new jumpers and stepped away from the traditional hoops ill try and find a picture if you are interested
    love to have a look mate. Always intersted in AFL designs. jUST SEND IT BY pm, Im GETTING SOME FLACK FOR DISCUSSING IT ON THE FORUM...
    Hi Tiger, If you are at Vic Point today for the elimination final let me know and I'll buy you a beer. Cheers, Snaws
    i read this a bit late, but no, im not going to victoria point. no junior footy on today as the school hollidays have started, sorry mate.
    Hi tigernova, are you going to the Redland Bombers game tomorrow? Don't know if you are on twitter, but if you are
    going and are on twitter do you reckon you could post some scores and commentary? @NEAFL_northern have
    started to post the scores each quarter however a more
    regular update and comments on how the team and players are going would be great. Its hard to find out what is going on from WA.
    Cheers, Snaws
    Yeah, also claims to live here, I call bullcrap on that and he sees it as a personal attack, please!

    Also good luck against Port, still hate them for 2004 (not as much as Collingwood though!)
    Yeah W_33 (you know who I'm talking about) is a genuine twit. Has the biggest hissy fit when someone says his team should be removed but says your team and the Giants should go. Biggest hypocrite. And that's doesn't even account all the time he makes up lies, says its the truth and accuses others of being liars. At the end of the day though, whether his narrow mind likes it or not, GC and GWS exist (and are here to STAY)!
    I appreciate all your comments as I find them honest and without malice (yeah I remember the thread about the jumper). I'm just sorry that as a non supporting fan of the club - you have witnessed that BS pessimism. Just know - we're not all like that - some of us will support our club no matter what. (BTW - I'm an Old Fitzroy Supporter too - Couldn't go for brissy & the Dees were always my 2nd team - So I know what hard times are about)
    I'm behind you 100% regarding your Pessimistic Melbourne Supporters thread. Your post was definitely not a trolling attempt - it was a valid question - one that I actually was going to address in a new thread until I saw that you had already done so. The guys you quoted in that thread are poor examples of supporters. They basically troll their own club. It seems that the long drawn out battle to get somewhere has taken it's toll on some of the people that call themselves supporters of the club. I believe that no matter what - you remain optimistic about your chances - especially when your club has reached the point that the demons have recently. Unfortunately like all clubs there are disappointments - and those guys are exactly that.
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