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  • Not excited about the current day Taker too much, tbh.

    I guess The Rock returning makes WWE more interesting, though, not sure for how long.
    So it's pretty much confirmed that it's Taker?

    Reading around on some of the famous wrestling forums and that seems to be the general consensus. Triple v Taker match is getting set-up..
    Very true.

    I've read things like that when the 2 21 11 fades out in slow mo is spells as Sting or some s**t.

    Really hope it isn't for Taker.
    Ah, I see. I remember him telling me that he was off to the UK this month.

    Probably will be able to sneak back in with an alias, I guess.
    He's always been a headcase, though. SAF had found a way to calm him down after he went into over-drive by 250% when things didn't go his way but the latest saga probably has taken a toll on him.

    His own fault, anyway. Whether he wants to stay or not, I'd hope he gives 110% when playing for us. The rest can take care of itself, as far as I'm concerned.
    Nice :thumbsu:

    Disregarding the recent events surrounding his contract, a fully fit Rooney is our best player, imo. I don't think Berbatov or Hernandez (at this stage) are capable of scoring 34 goals in 42 appearances so if he is fully fit, he is an automatic selection for mine.

    Having said that, it has surprised me the way the rest of the team has gotten on with things without him. I thought we may struggle to create chances/score but it has been the other way around, if anything.

    Though, gotta love Hernandez's endeavor. He may look like a lesbian but he doesn't mind the physical stuff :D
    what's happened to rub a dub dub (i know that sounds gay but I felt like saying it)?

    I know he got banned 2 weeks for the facebook thread but how come he's still on a red?
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