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  • Oh ok. Fair enough mate. I did stuff it up at first so yeah can see where your coming from.
    Um maybe try another site or is it possible to email it to me, hahaha I'm not good at it either:D
    Did you try just uploading the 2011 lists file in stead of lots of files as in going into footy fanatic/lists/default 2011?
    Hey mate.You could upload the footy fanatic 2011 lists on megaupload Its easy and easy to download. Id be grateful if you did cheers.
    Cool. I mean I definitely don't want to request it of you when you could probably spend your time on better things, but if you were thinking of doing a video then I thought I would plant the Shuey idea in your head.

    The other videos on your channel are good too btw hahaha.
    So dajesmac, I couldn't help but notice that on your youtube channel you have a few WC compilation videos. Now I'm not sure whether you compiled them yourself, but if you did, I have a proposal for you. How would you feel about making a video of Shuey's extremely limited AFL game time, as in the 1 and a half nab cup games and two/three AFL games he's played in? I and I'm sure you and all the other WC fans need something to look forward to/fap to. I will pay you in rep and gratitude. I would do it myself but I have the computer skills of a 60 year old and the shittest internet/computer in the world. I look forward to your response and bid you good day.
    Sheppard is a brilliant player, but I think we needed lucas to fill in that empty pocket. But Sheppard does run out of defence and kick a few so I guess its not too bad.
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