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  • Dan,

    I've read a lot of your ideas over the years, and tend to agree with most of them (you and I seem to think alike) - your final 10 system is particularly elegant, and I would be very much in favour of the AFL implementing it. I'm curious - if you wrote to the AFL with the proposal, what was their response?
    mate, how much spare time do you have? you spend a lot of it rubbishing on pretty much every thread, and seem to have 38 posts per hour or some s**t.
    enjoy reading your list ranking the premierships sides, dont agree with it in some places, but i appreciate the work you go too and its interesting reading. Keep up the good work!

    I am very interested in your ranking of the 112 V/AFL premiership sides. I have made a recent reply and wonder what you think of my comment. I would prefer you commented on the blog and not directly to me, though, since I have numerous thoughts that I would like others apart from us to read.
    Dan. I don't know you and am only really new to writing on big footy although I have been a reader of the site for a few years,fact is I am not good writter or speller so am a bit conscious of putting myself up to get shot down,,anyway the point of this message is I had to respond to that twits point ,who for now reason thought you didn't have a right to say what you felt,,,these people make me angry as they are the reason I rarely write on the boards ,,but just thought I'd give you support as I have been reading yours and others posts for a long time and while we might not agree we still should have decency to not attack others for what they contribute,so I'll prob be attacked now but it's worth it for me as ppl like this guy are just low lifes, who think there opinion matters and is interesting and everyone else or selected ppl notes are rubbish and then make it personal,,,anyway keep up the posts mate.
    I'm back from my coma. Havn't posted much since 2005. Can you tell me who has been getting the biggest crowds since than? Who out of the Victorian clubs gets the most members? Who gets the highest paying sponsorships? I need to know. :)
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