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  • Hi Danz, Are you playing afl fantasy this year? brucetiki team captain of div 12 has sent you an invite. Can you respond ASAP. Thanks
    Just saw you still didnt know who I was. Its "TheTommyGun, Plugg3r" come on Danz, keep up mate. ;)
    Hey, I'm posting this message on everybody involved in the xbox league of AFL Live, go to the AFL Live 2011 BF League thread in the gaming stories section to say if you're in/out.
    ah u know working and such
    hoping summer is just hiding atm wanting to soak up as much of it as possible

    getting so so excited for next week? How about u?
    Hello beautiful. Are you up for a round 1 meet up? I'll be there. :cool: Oh and the music of Vader is making me fap! :D
    YEP SO EXCITED! Off to Canberra tomorrow morning to see Currie and the Ressies try and make it to their Grand Final and then a big day on Sunday! Gotta love a football weekend! u pumped?
    Totally agreed mate. I fear because of it, Veszpremi will ask for a trade. :(

    I just hope that Longmire plays Johnston and other kids, give them a go.
    I maybe on a Yellowcard for giving out my opinions on Bigfooty, but hey.....

    At least I don't play for the West Coast Eagles.
    That's what I said to Robbie, but, he was carrying on about my demeanor, saying I was being forceful. I agree with you, I'd be highly surprised if Bevan and Playfair are on our list next year.

    I hope for one that Longmire has a new gameplan and a new vision for us. We really should have kept Daniel O'Keefe and persisted with him and kept Barry Hall, despite his problems, he owed us in my opinion.

    What are you up to mate? I couldn't get to the game on Sunday, I have a large Vet bills to pay off, after my dog had died recently.
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