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  • Suck dick? You know I am not David Hille? The only game I every cared about was the 99 and 96 Grand Final. You are as weak and pathetic as Heppell who is now the biggest coward in the AFL.
    That is why you are shit middle of the road team like the Roos - Stanton is as much a coward and a hack as they weak dog Hocking that has quit the last 2 times we player you. Wait to the good sides get a hold of you - like Hocking you will be the 1st to hide you weak c*nt.
    "Lol, Even Gold Coast can win a game.

    Going to be a looooong season for poor old Norf."

    OH dear - stupid post by a stupid poster. Season OVER Essendon!!!! And the mighty Roos were the ones to end it!!! GOLD!!
    Dogey knees, no depth - the bubble burst on the weekend. Watson the sloth now has lost his outside speed he will look even slower. Winders career is also over - soft coward that will lose a yard of pace - the only thing that got him a game.
    Soft draw on Sat nuffy nuffy. Would you like me to type slower? Please do not speak about WCE - they won 4 games last year - Twice against your soft front running team. Enjoy the bubble bursting this week!
    You have a soft draw and want to get lippy?? Maybe your team sould work on strengthening their knees. Want to bet we win and you lose this week?
    Any comment of his kicking against the Swans?? - cost your team the game - 30 metres out and missed. Choked on chicken
    Only seen 1 Essedon game nuffy. The swans game - where Watson's kicking was terrible. Not AFL standard.
    Thanks brother. Was an awesome game from the two best clubs in the competition. I hate McLaren so much, and it wouldn't be any different if he favoured us. You have two clubs who have been at war with each other for decades, playing their hearts out, only to have a little cheating midget adjudicate on his own personal vendettas.

    Congratulations on today. Your boys should be proud, they were awesome.

    Can't wait till the ladder is back to Hawks and Bombers up the top, as we will show the rest of the canaries what great Grand Finals are.
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