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  • Over two years since my last missive and yet... Human nature I suppose. The past will always be considered the best.
    Nay G re posting,

    Despite the best mod array i have ever seen in my short b13 experience can not i reap those alcohol levels that i reached before to survive another JTMG syndrome.

    And work is faster than the blondes here atm
    Always good to see you posting mate - you're welcome to stay as long as you like.

    Hope things are well wherever you are atm
    The ML bump has certainly changed the football landscape. Amazing stuff, even if I did think there was a hint of malice involved.

    Not to worry, it's a return to the glory years.

    This episode will cost them I think. They've come out looking like the petulant child of the AFL.
    I, too, upgraded my Jap trash bucket to a euro magnifico about twenty years ago and the dog still has his bone in it even if he is long since dead and the ccar on blocks down at the beach house. But I am glad you made that party M dude!!!

    Have been a little quiet and on the road for about five months. Just made a return contract and on a different menu as of April but am still able to find a sauce here that spreads any brown paste into a reddish/black very quickly.

    Round 22 could be interesting. Hope you are well matey. I did a quick run through the Benalla region two months back and should have logged in but ...I didnt.

    speak soon T
    Mate, am I glad to see you again. I was starting to wonder if you'd come to grief, believe me, I did ask around a few Essendon heads.

    Life is good, dog not so very happy since the trusty old Hilux he used to love getting around in became not so trusty and was replaced by BMW X5 that he is allowed to gaurd and nothing more.

    Apart from that he is getting fatter than his master.

    How about you champ? The Bombers are finally up and about and you haven't been here to tell us all about it.

    What mysterious adventures have you been up to?
    Although you may find it difficult to believe, I didn't create the thread with you in mind at all. I don't have anything against you... I actually hope that you learn to forgive me for whatever I've done to upset you. You seem like a good bloke on all accounts and I don't understand why you dislike me.
    you posted a dumb thread and you ask me in nano second of my post this???

    You need to take some personal stock pal
    hahaha c'mon mate, no hard feelings. I didn't have the facts... but how can you expect me to have the facts? You shouldn't have an argument in a public forum if you don't expect other people to particpate. And yes... I know what a dullard is... but the way you used the word sounded like it was a person's user name.

    I think you're taking the matter too personally. I'm sorry if I've upset you.
    you are boring me now.

    I cannot explain your inadequacies for you nor be bothered to recap on what you missed.

    Incidentally, maturity is your issue here not mine.

    Ever heard the expression "chasing the dragon"? Odd given your user name but like 'dullard" you should wiki or google it before you scream sh*te everywhere
    Why b*tch about another person becoming a mod in a public forum where 99% of the people watching don't have all the facts then? It was just immature.
    if you do not have the issues at hand then don't get involved. And why should i have to imagine it from your perspective??? You acknowledged that you did not have the all facts...just retire pal
    Yeah, I remember you were having a go at JTGM (?) now called Stereophonic (?) regarding his recently appointed mod status. I believe I may have had a go at you for bitching about it in a public thread. So what? Get over it.

    Stop.....and try and imagine the situation from my position. I may not have all the facts but I'm seeing the situation from the average poster in a public forum... the theatre for your complaints.

    Apologies if I've pissed you off but I don't really understand why you feel this way.
    The last and only time i reported a VM message was when 'stereodick' hit this page. That was 16 /17+ days ago
    When you report a VM message the notification goes to all mods, so they all had a look.
    classic comment. Thanks, i trully enjoy stupidity when it lands so hard

    follow the deleted stereophonic comments on my page and you might fight your ill-informed conversation with him, AGAIN, about something you were information shy about[that means you just didn't know or understand]
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