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    They're a private forum who've been around for ages, similar to FFC private but from the early days.
    All depends on whether or not Salopek, Gray and Hartlett stay fit. Will completely transform the midfield and therefore the fortunes of the team as a whole. If they can string together 55-60 games between them a berth in the lower half of the 8 wouldn't be out of the question. Lots of pressure on dicky muscles, though.
    Robbie Tarrant will be a regular. Bit pricey though.

    I would've thought the backs have loads more options than any other position anyway ...

    Tarrant, Duigan, Stanley, Lower, Toy, Heppell, Hibberd, Coad should be regulars.

    Batchelor, Puopolo, B.Smith, McKernan, Watson, Tape, O'Shea, Lester could get games.

    Yeah, many of them aren't locks but very few rookies are.
    TBH, I don't know too much about him. He's looked OK in the NAB challenge games apparently. But he's only a chance for round 1 because Petrie/McIntosh are out and we might need a 2nd tall forward/ruckman.

    He won't play many games IMO.
    lol. I'm just starting to get into the NFL. Falcons look good this year but there record is probably overrating them slightly.
    I was going to do it myself but I only have Photoshop Elements. I'm doing a logo now, so I'm playing around with different colours and I'll tell you which colour combo I would like once I'm finished.

    They kits you have done look very good btw.
    Haha. U troll good brah.

    There's one of him in a tiger suit though, so best of both. Sure it's been posted on AF board at some point.
    Loved it mate - didn't catch the game live but watched after work last night.
    Must have rewinded about ten times.
    i'd go lewis-home, reed-away, alternate black choose between ngata, rice, boldin, oher.
    Replica = screen-printed, flimsy material, cheap, officially licensed.
    Premier = same but sewn on numbers/name, can be officially licensed or not.
    Authentic = match-day, baggy, can be fakes (but cheap), or officially licensed (expensive).
    yep. but it doesnt have to be me who starts it. you or someone else could. but i think starting one now might be a bit premature? what do you think?
    I don't really follow it but I normally have it switched in the morning if I'm at home. My mum grew up in Atlanta and my uncle follows the Falcons so they'd be my team. I don't really know anything though. I'm learning slowly.
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